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  1. Not sure how to link it here but there is a video on Twitter of the Deweyville tornado touching down. Not sure what the damage will find but the winds looked pretty intense at the ground. Reminded me of the Wynnewood, OK tornado a few years ago.
  2. Yay another nocturnal setup . I don't think we have had a severe storm come through my area before sundown this whole calendar year.
  3. Tornado near Purdin, MO looked to have a little strength to it. Tossed some large propane tanks and flipped a tractor over
  4. HRRR and NAM Nest have quite different evolutions of storm mode tonight
  5. I'd have to go back and do some searching. I remember it was in May of 2019 where we went though a really active 2 week period of being under the gun nearly every day. We tend to joke now that things should be calm if there is an Enhanced or MOD risk, just have to make sure we are ready on those MRGL days.
  6. Still remember the day 1 of his forecasts had my area barely included in MRGL, 150 miles from being 2% TOR and had an EF3 just miss us by a few miles.
  7. Finally a TOR watch issued for 8 counties in KS for the ongoing storms. 60/60 TOR probs.
  8. Someone who is a little smarter than me may be able to answer this. SPC mentioned in an earlier outlook about afternoon convection overturning the atmosphere that might lower the severe threat a bit later on. Is that valid for where the storms are occurring now or is there still plenty of time for the atmosphere to recharge?
  9. There was a report of a brief touchdown about 15 minutes ago east of Hays https://twitter.com/Levi__Ward/status/1397625402722562050?s=20
  10. I had noticed this as well as I live in far northern Kansas. Running the NAM Nest and HRRR through the morning there is about a 50/50 split in my area for a sigtor or 0 precip. at all in all of the runs. It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out as it seems each model is different run to run.
  11. I live right in the middle of that. Went from a 2% 24 hours ago to 15% hatched. I will be sleeping in the storm cellar tonight.
  12. Colby skycam has a good view of possible TOR trying to form https://www.ksn.com/skyview/colby/
  13. Water rescues ongoing in Saline County here in KS. Just north of there in Bennington a weather station has measured 8" of rain since midnight. While we've been having a few storms every night with large hail the flooding is starting to steal the show. More rain forecast every day like this too until at least Friday.
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