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  1. ok did not get much for a reply so maybe this is not a good unit. however i did get one and after a lot of testing i got the vane to stabilize more than i expected. it is not perfect but it hold direction now to be inside of say west and west north west. or north and north east etc. what i did was take the factory wind vane off and i made my own design wind vane. it is adjustable for balance and made of stainless tubing. and no pointer plus a larger than normal fin. if any interest let me know i will send a picture of what i have. because my system sets like 25' to the east side of a bunch of trees that sets up turbulence, or what some call eddie currents and sometime those wip the vane around but it returns fast to the prevailing wind direction. what i may do in the warmer weather is take it down and build a tail that is shaped like a plane tail fins so the wind has to curve around the tail and maybe that will hold it better in those currents. also i have been thinking of using a blaa for the tail to see if that holds better? your ideas on that? thanks bp.
  2. i got the la crosse 79400 weather station and it send out the wind speed and direction about every 30 seconds. but i would like to get it to send the data out a bit faster. what happens is the wind lets say is trending from the west. then it buffets from the east and the station see that blip and about that time it send me that direction. so what is happening is i see the wind from a different direction than what is is actually trending from. la crosse says it can't be done but there must be some kind to timer in the station that triggers the refresh rate. maybe a resistor or with luck a pot. my guess is they worry the battery will not keep up and the solar panel will not be able to recharge the battery, however i can put the station on a power supply if needed. thanks
  3. i got one of the la crosse 79400 weather stations, so i set it up and then stuck it outside and the wind vane is all over the place. i have a home made vane i built years ago and it is placed up on a shed like 20' in the air. and i have another home made unit that is 4" off the ground. so i put this unit on a 10' pole and stuck it in the yard about 20' from the house and then out by the shed but the one close to the ground. and the vane still is holding steady. so i now have it inside clamped to a counter and a fan on it and after calibrating the vane to read north on the receiver by hand, i then placed the fan facing it from the south and the vane is pointing sse and bouncing back and forth to south. the fan is maybe 4' away but that should not matter as wind is not further or closer for the source. i figured if i got a factory made unit i would be getting a unit that was at least somewhat accurate. as i write this the anemometer has been between 1 and 3 mph and the vane between s and sse, so has anyone had any luck modifying the vane so it holds steady and points in the actual direction the wind is coming from? i know this is not a 1,000 unit but it should be a bit more accurate than what it is. i just stuck a pc of tape on the vertical fin and made it like a rudder and it now is showing south but still bounches. so it this a normal think for these small plastic wind vanes? and i just taped 2 quarters tot eh vertical fin to see if that weight will overcome the vane movement. i took photos but they are to big to upload so i have to reduce the size if needed. thanks bp.
  4. scotty thanks but i have got the la cross system the 79400 unit with the rain gage. so for now i will work with this unit. and like i said it was cheap enough so if i do nt get into the weather and lose interest i'm not out much. i got the lacrosse unit yesterday in the mail and it set up easy. i pulled the battery strips out and plugged in the display and it took about 3 minutes and i was getting data. and setting the receiver was simple. now to find people on this site that may have one of these to converse with. the only part i don't yet see showing data is the upper left they call forecast, that may take a bit foe data to collect before it shows. if you look at the picture i have showing the vane and anemometers on the post, you see the big one with the flat vanes. well i bent the vanes to a 90 deg angle and now it is working great, i do not get data for any of those but i can see the big one now moving and that tells me there is wind. the smaller units have old bearings in them and they stick at low wind speeds. the only issue i have at this time with the lacrosse and this may be normal is the vane spins around and seems to be always pointing the wrong direction form the one i have on my shed. but hey it is just a hobby. thanks bp.
  5. ok seems i have not been approved yet but to add some to this i got the above unit that is on the left the 79400 lacrosse unit. the wifi is not working but they say it will give the included base station data, so that is all i require. so i'm hoping this one is good enough to work for a few years to give me an idea if i stay interested enough to warrant a more expensive unit if this does fail. it is supposed to have temp wind speed wind direction and rain that is a separate unit, but i will figure how to put it close to the main unit. anyway i could use some mounting help. i have 3 places that i can mount one, i have 3 antenna masts on my house, one on the back garage and 2 on the house. on the house i have a mast at the north end and close to a tree that is like 30' taller than the roof and maybe 30' from that mast. on the south end of the house roof i have a mast on the gable end that sets on the front garage and up over the house roof by 5' and on the back garage it would be maybe 4' above the roof. like i said this unit may not be the best but for starting out it is in my budget. so if anyone can help i can send pictures of the mounting areas to give you an idea. thanks bp.
  6. because i do not want to get into a costly weather system, what i'm looking for is one like these below. yea i know you get what you pay for but if i lose interest then i paid way to much. if i get into this then i can always update and use something like these for backup or to have comparison units. the left one is 79$ the right one iw 89$ the home made system i got maybe 30$ into a home made system shown below so far and that is iffy for the anemometers. thanks. bp or this is what i built and the vane works great the anemometers do not. on the one below the vane seems to work the best. the little ones are all made from sprinkle housings on bearings and they spin on a 1/2" cpvc pole the 4 cup is the worst of the small units and the flat vane unit to the left may spin but i think the vanes grab the wind and counter each other. so as not to get into spending money on things that may not work i think one of the units like i have above may be better for the short time as a test just to make sure i do not lose interest and have hundreds of dollars into something that then just sits there and i do nothing with it. just an expensive whatamacallit or thingamabob. i see tons on ebay that are inside displays and i think they get their data online from other sites, but i want the outside units that grab their own data and send it to a indoor base station via wifi or some other way but not via wires. then i can move around if i find it is not working good where i place it. like on a roof or side yard or backyard. the below unit now sets just outside the back door so my camera can see it. yes i can build a unit but by the time i have all the parts the price is way more than the above units and then the reliability may be the same or worse. like the one below. thanks