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  1. Has anybody else in the southeastern United States been deprived of Seventeen-Year Cicadas this summer? You know, the noisy black things with bulging red eyes what make an unholy racket around the clock? The reports from officialdom I read stated we should have expected 1.5 million per acre by...the end of June? I think that is when they were supposed to kick off, though I was wondering for some time before that. I'd experienced this twice before, and they're a nice respite from stink bugs. My backyard is upon the woods, and beyond those woods the boundary to a national park is 1.5 miles away. As would be expected we've bears, raccoons, mountain lions, opossums, and that's just guests in the driveway, but I've not seen a single Seventeen-Year Cicada. In fact, I've not seen one anywhere I've traveled within fifty miles of here. I've heard a cicada here or there, but that is about it. This might have nothing to do with climate change, but given the (lack of) winter that preceded their non-appearance in this part of the world after the turn of the new year, it actually might. I don't have much to add, honestly, just wondering if anyone else has wondered as well.
  2. ...or she might be the beginning of the enormous cyclone Owsley Stanley claimed was going to roll all over the Northern Hemisphere rendering it uninhabitable.