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  1. We have a small farm that we travel back and forth to from our home. It's not near any established weather station, so we want to be able to check rainfall amounts at that location. I've been looking for a rain gauge that will allow us to read the rainfall amount remotely using a wifi hotspot. I figure, we have apps where we can change home lights and climate remotely from our phones...there's got to be a weather one, right? But I'm a beginner at this and I've had no luck researching online. A friend recommended Acu-Rite, but it sounds like to read the data remotely you need to set up a public weather underground station? We don't want to set up a public station for this place. I was hopeful about Ambient, but their tech support person, said it will only work with cable internet service, not a hotspot. I was looking into LaCrosse but saw a lot of bad reviews. I've seen some possible options that cost in the thousands of dollars, but I'm looking for something cheaper than that. Is it possible to find something for a couple hundred or cheaper? I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance. *If the station does other things, that's ok. Temperature would be cool. We don't need a lot of bells and whistles. Rain is the main priority at this point.