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  1. Using Klade anyone living anywhere in the world can trade weather derivatives and insurance. The process is pretty simple, but it requires that you own Ethereum, which is a cryptocurrency. On the website you can see all the open contracts and you can decide to enter one of those contracts. Or, you can create your own contract with whatever parameters you want (e.g. what location, type of weather, timeframe) and Klade will try and find you a counterparty. As of right now Klade is in beta but down the line I think they are offering support for weather types including rainfall, snowfall, temperature, and earthquakes (ok not really weather). Also it said they will be offering support for stablecoins, which allows you to not be exposed to cryptocurrency volatility.
  2. Have you guys checked out It's a platform that allows anyone to trade weather derivatives and insurance. It's pretty early right now but definitely looks quite interesting.