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  1. Nasty MCS tonight across South Dakota. Several 80+ wind reports so far
  2. Surprised they didn’t pull the trigger on that watch. Severe storms haven’t been hard to come by
  3. Some wild velocity signatures with that cell near Post
  4. Tornado on the ground north of Americus Kansas
  5. NAM has the LLJ screaming across the threat area after sunset Wednesday. Certainly going to be tons of low level shear for storms to work with. Effective bulk shear is still on the low side. Sounding near the OKC area at 03z
  6. Hodographs for Wednesday look nasty but 3km CAPE is poor in many of the soundings I’ve been pulling. That’s something to keep an eye on as we get closer
  7. Looks like your on the PC app. If you click the "share" button in the bottom right of the screen you should be able to save a PNG to your computer
  8. Soundings on Wednesday look nasty across portions of Kansas and Oklahoma. Going to be a day to watch for sure
  9. Wonder if this one will work out better than the last one of these I posted
  10. Wicked hook developing on that cell near Miami OK
  11. Looking at some virtual sounding's id say it's the CAP around 800mb. Here's the 18z 3km NAM around Tulsa at 21z
  12. First half of May 2011 was very quiet, then Joplin happened. All it takes is one
  13. CPC highlighting the southern plains for severe weather the first week of May
  14. Just went tor warned. Some pretty rapid rotation on it