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  1. Hi: I work as an air quality consultant and sometimes need to identify certain weather averages for locations in the US to use in emission calculations which I need to cite for my work. I wanted to get some expert recommendations on where is the best place to find the following data? I am somewhat familiar with the NOAA site but when I am trying to find historical data I feel like it keeps sending me in circles and I never can find what I am looking for. Here are some of the items I need to find: Average annual and average monthly wind speed for a particular location (probably based on long term averages such as 1980-present or similar) Mean temperature, mean high temperature, mean low temperature by month and annual means. Here is what I am doing:: go to weather.gov Type in "Annapolis, MO" for instance; it pulls up current data for KFAM If I click on the "UIN Climate Summary" at the bottom, I can get climate normal for that day, but that is not particularly helpful as I usually am looking for monthly or annual data If I click on product list at the top I get a list of all reports available and click on the CLA report, but KFAM is not in the list; do only certain stations have this type of data? If I click on COU for St. Louuis, I do find the report that shows climate normal average MAX, MIN, and MEAN for 1981-2010 which is what I want for temps but was hoping for something closer to my target location. I dont' know where to find the wind data though. any ideas? The previous report only reports gusts Is there a better source of finding this type of MET data? I have a feeling that this website probably has what I need but I just don't know where to look!