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  1. ISBN-10 : 0495115584 ISBN-13 : 978-0495115588 Standard textbook, not perfect a bit too short, should be quite acceptable level. Roll clouds on the cover... https://www.amazon.com/Essentials-Meteorology-Invitation-Donald-Ahrens/dp/1305628454
  2. December Ridge Signs ; Top Right Should Be -NAO. Early signs of usual cold bursts, to reflect on Jan to Feb or Early Feb ; It Is Not A Rocket Science To Produce Something Like 12in SECS. Ingredients Cold 2M, Cold 850MB.
  3. Sheets of Sleet / Farmers Almanac Winter Outlook
  4. This area experienced 75C rise in temperature during or just before Christmas. Thunderstorm formed while walking in the park ; area extremely volatile ; no comparison to Area-51
  5. CFS Update On End of Jan to Feb ; Will be monitoring this large blue area for downstream intentions.
  6. Not Much Data from Crypto Departments NSA/CIA. Strange why that is the case... Ideally names should be hidden meaning clear idea of the track based on 21st century weather research...
  7. Exit Tropical United States ; To Try Something Extraordinary ; The Perfect Storm Grace