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  1. 1 minute ago, frd said:

    Hopefully the period mid month and beyond delivers for us in the coastal plain. 

    I don't want to have to chase at Dewey Beach,  however, if I did I get a Fractured prune donut, yum yum, but I digress,  I want Middletown buried !   :mapsnow:

    I’ll be in bethany at that time, come on down and party, the beach needs a little liveliness this time of year.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Orangeburgwx said:

    To me the absolutely insane thing is how 72 hours out the Euro is alone by itself, most of the other models ensembles show flakes but King Euro doesn't. Do we bet against it?

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    I think they call it Dr no in the mid Atlantic forum for a reason..??

  3. 36 minutes ago, mackerel_sky said:

    2/8/20 says it can snow in a craptastic pattern! I mean 8”+ in NGA?? That’s like 300-400% of normal atleast! I think that’s about 800% of Wilkesboros total this year??

    And this also means that at some point, areas further north and east will cash in right????? Theory of atmospheric balance????

  4. 8 minutes ago, Inverted_Trough said:

    I see your point, but I also found some of those past winters where NYC/NE get hammered - while we always get fringed - actually way more painful than this type of winter.  At least when virtually everyone gets shutout, it doesn't feel that bad.  12/30/00 and 12/26/10 were gut punches that took a while to get over.  

    But the mid Atlantic cashed in on 2/6/10 which was the biggest gut punch to nyc that I could remember! 

    I just wonder if the 95 corridor will ever see a repeat of 95-96 where everyone cashes in.

  5. 15 minutes ago, jjwxman said:

    The progression of next weekends storm system on the 00z GFS was very weird. At hr 138 it has the LP center just west of Tampa, FL.  Then at 142 it has the LP center over Nashville, TN. :blink:

    Literally the worst model ever in every single scenario. Tomorrow it will show a blizzard in the Yucatán and we will sing songs of suppression depression. 

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