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  3. Great looking map, love the show of winds, very helpful for tracking lows and highs.
  4. Winter 2019-2020 was a bust in Northern AZ almost glad I gave up my plowing job. As it turned out the biggest snow was on the 18-19-20 of March. first day of spring. 8-10" Not looking forward to summer dry and drought.
  5. My first remembrance was when I was in Southern Maine one very cold winter some 18 or so years ago.
  6. Often when the Sky is clear, and the temperatures are dropping, (true especially when reaching towards or passed 0 deg. F. ) what little there may be, is crystallized it into snowflakes.
  7. Former N'ton man.  greetings from Flagstaff AZ

    45 yrs N'ton area

    10 yrs S. Maine

    now here

  8. I'm using the Ambient Weather ws-2902a WiFi Osprey solar powered wireless PWS The only batteries it uses are for the solar panel backup and the memory backup in the display. Worth putting a good set of batteries in each year. only a bit of a stumble getting it set up to connect to my modem for online reading and data logging. This is my choice for a well designed and easy to use unit.
  9. A bit of snow on the Mountain tops here in Flagstaff No storm yet. but expecting precipitation Tuesday night through Thursday. it's colder, not cold. but that's about to change. Wednesday-Thursday a dusting to 3"
  10. Over 10 years in Flagstaff and the local/state/Gov. forecasters have yet to get it right. the #1 reason is that there is so much area that is considered Flagstaff and #2 the elevation changes. Five separate forecast zones would cover this area much better than the one general forecast. As a prognosticator I have seen Cloudless Snow, Sunny and warm over there and Thunderstorm with hail and dropping temperatures where I was. 4-6" of snow on the mountain and nothing in town, Snow banks and flurries here, and sunny warm with flowers blooming in another section of town. Can it get weirder than this? I expect so! Still I have done better without the "meteorologist" Thanks for allowing me to have my say. The Ol' Prognosticator visit: freehand-forecasting