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  1. Thanks, I found a regional hourly measure. It is a solar radiation measure. If it was every 10 mins it would be perfect for me as I am mapping that value to an angle value of a servo motor connected to a light dimmer. This dimmable 'daylight' spot light shines on the 'outside' of a faux window in a room in the basement. With a nearly transparent blind, the light in that window will match the outside light. If it isn't clear what I am doing, it isn't important. I can get the data in XML <station id="EGKO3" name="EAGLE CREEK" elev="740" lat="45.367942" lon="-122.330972" provider="RAWS"> <ob time="21 Jun 2:13 pm" utime="1561151580"> <variable var='T' description='Temp' unit='F' value='63'/> <variable var='TD' description='Dewp' unit='F' value='46'/> <variable var='RH' description='Relh' unit='%' value='54'/> <variable var='DD' description='Direction' unit='deg' value='238'/> <variable var='DDCARD' description='Wind Card' unit='direction' value='WSW'/> <variable var='FF' description='Wind' unit='mph' value='5'/> <variable var='FFGUST' description='Gust' unit='mph' value='9'/> <variable var='FUELT' description='Fuel Temp' unit='F' value='68'/> <variable var='FUELM' description='Fuel Moist' unit='%' value='11'/> <variable var='SOLRAD' description='Solar Radiation' unit='watt/(m**2)' value='388'/> <variable var='' description='Acc Precip' unit='inches' value='4.45'/> <variable var='STAQUAL' description='Station Quality' unit='' value='OK'/> </ob> Thanks again.
  2. Google failed me, maybe because the measure of light at any given minute is not something that is published anywhere ? I am just looking for some internet weather data source that provides a lumens number for the amount of light that the station (in my vicinity) measures in near real time or every 5-10 minutes. Obviously it will have a constant reading once the sun sets... any ideas before I have to build my own ? Thanks