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  1. 25" at my farm. Just what the doctor ordered... At least the soil had somewhat thawed after the last blizzard and snow melt. This one was melting from the bottom as it fell.
  2. Best wishes. It's warming up in the north now so hopefully we don't contribute too much to the flow. It's going to be a rough few weeks ahead.
  3. Hard to really tell how much is here without knowing where the ground was, but a lot of this is blown in 6-8 feet deep and there are some crests higher than that. If it was bare ground before the blizzard, for the most part it was bare ground after the blizzard. But if it was drifted in before, oh boy, the drifts doubled in size or better. At the very end of the blizzard, after it stopped snowing but the wind was still blowing, the sun came out and it got up to 34. This resulted in a bit of slush and eventually crusted over the snowpack pretty good so that there wasn't much blowing snow despite high winds. I took these pictures this evening.
  4. A friend tells me they had close to 2" of rain down by Huron and it's flooding bad in places. Very little if any freezing rain so far at my location. Mostly snow with a bit of sleet. 3" already. So that will tip us toward the higher end of snow predictions. We already have had a lot of snow and wind this year, so the drifting situation is already extreme. My backyard is blown in 4 to 6 feet deep with one spot up to 8 feet maybe higher. All of the tree belts are blown in 6-8 ft deep or better. The ditches are completely full, if you didn't know they were there before you'd never be able to tell. This is just from the snow up to this point, before this storm.
  5. I'm up by Faulkton (Cresbard area if you know where that is) and I'm watching it creep closer on radar. I'm right in the uncertainty zone. Will I get more ice or snow?? Very interested to see how this all shakes out.
  6. Aberdeen, SD has been below freezing, and below average, since 35 degrees on January 27th. Nothing above freezing or average coming in the 7 day either.