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  1. Light to slightly heavier light snow here in Pennsburg. 35.5 degrees was 37/38 prior to the start. Maybe I will get 6-9 they are predicting
  2. Looks like this includes an inch or 2 from overnight? Still a nice hit. Euro was the winner for me last night.
  3. 6z NAM looks to be a nice hit I-95 and up the LHV. I believe the GFS is to dry with the QPF in our region. NAM likely overdone here but don’t we usually see things trend wetter as we get within 24 hours? GFS did not do well for me with the storm last night. Got 4 when it showed 2. The Sunday event feels like a 4-8 event vs a 2-4 event as the GFS seems to think.
  4. Hey All. New member here but long Time lurker. 6z GFS came north