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  1. We lucked out here... only about an inch of liquid versus the 3 inches they were estimating. Just to the north and west they got quite a bit more snow, and to the south and east they got quite a bit more liquid precipitation (in the form of freezing rain) .. we managed to avoid the freezing rain and the heavy snow and got about 8 inches of snow and sleet here.
  2. We've managed to fortunately stay more dry so far than they predicted here in Brookings area so far. The majority of the precip has kind of gone around us.. we just got a bit lucky so far. Slightly less moisture in the system, slightly more north track so far. Still predicting the brunt of the storm to hit after midnight tonight, does look like it's coming, also seeing signs of strengthening the last hour.
  3. The greater impact from this storm is not a line of severe storms down in Illnois, but rather the hydrological impacts from the brunt of the storm which is to occur in SD, NE, IA, and MN, which already have very saturated ground. I did not see that thread, however it seems like it would be better put in the "ohio valley" subforum. Regardless, the moderators may choose to take any action they wish in the matter.
  4. A month after the last "bomb cyclone" that gave us mostly rain that got absorbed by our snowpack which has since melted and just mere days after some areas around where I live got upwards of 4 inches of rain from slow moving bands during the night, with near record high water tables in the town I live, with one resident saying his sump pump never ran for 26 years and now it's overwhelmed with an inch of water in his basement, we are on the verge of another storm that may just overwhelm my basement sump pump's ability to keep up.. luckily where I live it's expected to be all snow which MAY give the rivers time to lower the water table as it melts and minimize any hydrological impacts for residents in our area. The locals here are "tired of water." 14-20 inches of snow forecast here. The further south the storm track, the better. Discuss. Also, I'll consider streaming a video of my front yard using youtube live if it works properly.
  5. With a large snowpack in some areas including where I live combined with rainfall estimates in the 2-3 inch range in parts of South Dakota along with snowfall estimates in the 18-24 inch range in the Black Hills and Badlands, this is certainly a powerful storm. They are saying it has the pressure of a catagory 2 hurricane on land. So far I've lucked out and remained in a relative dry area... the heavier rain is still to the west of me. With 25 inches of snowpack and no storm sewer in my small town, I really don't want to see 3 inches or rain. :p The entire eastern half of Nebraska is currently under flood warnings and that's likely to spread.
  6. NOAA still says 8-9" in Brookings though not all the models agree. Here's a before pic of my backyard. You can see the drift goes up to the top of the neighbor's 6.5-7ish foot privacy fence. Actual snow depth is in the 25" range.
  7. I want another foot. Bring it on. 30-35 inches of snow depth would be something I really haven't lived through to this point. Spring and warm weather are for suckers. We'll get er all melted by June.
  8. Pictures from my home east of Brookings, SD. There was another heavier band moving over as I took them. Another 7 inches or so. 20-25" of snow depth, and my back yard north facing has between 2.5 and 5 feet of snow in most of the yard thanks in part to the neighbor's privacy fence. The little hump next to the deck is my gas grill. My town is unusually good about getting out to plow early so they cleared the roads already. I wouldn't be able to get very far if I tried to leave town though. All the schools in this part of the state are closed. Only people who have lived in the middle of nowhere can understand. :p According to locals this is still nothing compared to the winter of 1996-1997 though.
  9. Looking good for the Twin Cities! The GFS models did a good job putting the bullseye for heaviest snow around Mankato. Snow day for them today!
  10. They expanded the winter storm warnings west and we already hit/exceeded our projected totals here in the Brookings area, and I'd imagine if there's 4-5 inches here there's 7-9 inches in Sioux Falls looking at this radar loop. That puts us around 20-22 inches of snow depth in Brookings (we in the middle of the coteau des prairies and often have much higher snow depth than SF because it stays more consistently cold here) I don't think they'll be having our little Kaizen meeting today at 7AM for my other crew at work. I always find it odd that they issued no travel advised if the wind is stronger when the wind actually blows this fluffy snow off of road surfaces out here. I wouldn't bother driving anywhere right now looking at cams of I-29/90... they don't issue "no travel advised" when winds are calm and the roads completely snow covered but they will when there's wind which blows the snow off the roads. Go figure. Rooting for more this weekend!
  11. GFS runs have been all over the place this winter. I won't trust the models until Friday. Euro has us getting the biggest storm of the season with 32-40 inches of total snow depth by a week from now, which is about double the 18" we are at now. This about sums it up this winter, if they are even right 1-2 days out. :p