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  1. 7 minutes ago, ORH_wxman said:

    Euro maybe be warning snows for southeast MA. 

    Either way though that is pretty solid for just about all of SNE. Might be some taint on the south coast though for a time. 

    How about Central Park? Sorry to bother you

  2. 6 minutes ago, SnowGoose69 said:

    This event isn’t a changeover event though.  Someone is gonna get a good 5-6 inches with this.  It may be Hartford or Boston or Danbury vs NYC but I do think this is gonna be the first solid snow event for many in CT/NY/MA/RI

    And these models don’t really ever factor in dynamic and evaporative cooling so I think even Staten Island would be snow in this case. The rgem shows the Bronx and north getting a good amount of snow but I think I would bring that rain snow line down another 20 miles south

  3. 5 minutes ago, bluewave said:

    Looks like a pretty weak system without that much moisture.

    I wouldn’t worry about nam it’s a good model but it hasn’t been that good this year. I’d look at euro today for a better understanding. Most of the precip falls at night so we can get a good sized 1-3 inches nyc wide 

  4. That’s a nice setup for a stationary front which could produce wave after wave which could easily be 4-8 inch snowstorm.


    The image above could produce the big snowstorm. The eps shows other smaller events. Like 4-8. The image below is the one that would could produce multiple 4-8, the one above could be a slow moving Miller A nor’easter, and the big one. 

    Theres a lot moving parts, I’m not good at checking past events but I’m sure the storm from Hawaii is the top image.


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