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  1. How about Central Park? Sorry to bother you
  2. New York City is going to get a decent 2-4 tomorrow night that’s my call. Im going to pick the rgem cause it makes perfect sense to me. You guys can disagree and I’ll admit it if I’m wrong here on Monday afternoon. Fair enough?
  3. He’s saying you’re going to taint but in my opinion you may be the jackpot this time around
  4. I’ll take it, anything at this point I’m feening! thank you bud
  5. How about Central Park sorry to bother you
  6. Yes we already established that the nam was warm and too north of every other model so far. i would really watch the euro today and I showed an image of the gfs
  7. And these models don’t really ever factor in dynamic and evaporative cooling so I think even Staten Island would be snow in this case. The rgem shows the Bronx and north getting a good amount of snow but I think I would bring that rain snow line down another 20 miles south