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  1. Agreed. I never understood the hype of SSWE. They rarely help and hurt more often than not. Will be really interesting to study all the things that made this winter fail so badly.
  2. Just the way this winter is going. Laugh about it and move on
  3. Yup. Absolutely nothing to track in what should be prime winter. Unfortunately looks like we head into a dry pattern after next week’s rain.
  4. GFS continues the warm/wet cold/dry rinse and repeat look through the run.
  5. GEFS have definitely been better than the EPS this winter so definitely cause for concern!
  6. Just can’t get any consistency with guidance showing the -NAO which is why it’s usually nothing more than a unicorn.
  7. 12z EPS look substantially worse compared to 0z. Much lower heights in W Canada.
  8. Nothing. There’s nothing that looks favorable. Call me whatever you want but I’ve been posting for days that things look crappy and was told i know nothing.
  9. Man the GFS goes to hell quick. Curtains if it has the right idea. Ugly.
  10. woo boy the 12z GEFS definitely do not instill confidence on the long term being favorable.
  11. 6z GFS is abysmal. The GEFS also backed way off the day 7/8 threat from 0z.