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  1. ghost

    March 11/12 Last Call For Snow Obs!

    Snowing in west Columbia SC
  2. ghost

    Winter Storm 1/6 - 1/8, 2017

    Noticed the Columbia, SC office has my forecast for snow then freezing drizzle. Don't want ice. How much of a concern to you think freezing rain is for those of us located just on the edge of the snow?
  3. ghost

    21st Century Banter Thread

    If it helps I saw a really big solid black wooly worm today in the Walmart parking lot. One lady and man were taking a picture of it cause they said they never saw one so fat. They scooped him up and moved him to bushes
  4. ghost

    Feb 7 Winter Storm

    A friend in southern Lexington SC (Pelion area)is currently reporting sleet. I am in West Columbia not even rain here at the moment
  5. ghost

    2016 Severe Weather Thread

    Just picked up kids from school in West Columbia. Rotation cloud formed as I sat in car pool line. Did not form funnel but was trying. Kids went into full tornado protection inside school. Schools on a delayed release in midlands of SC. Now a flash flood warning is out for some of the same areas that got hit in October. It is a mess out there.
  6. ghost

    Storm Banter & Complaint Thread, Jan 22-23

    Because WIS just said no big deal with ice here in the midlands, that it all stays well north of us. According to them all we we get are wrap around snow showers. Yes it is WIS and their so accurate meteorologist. I'm afraid by underplaying the potential serious nature of the storm a lot of people are going to be caught off guard. There has to be a way to not hype but to inform of possibilities.
  7. ghost

    January 2016 Obs

    Sleeting in west Columbia sc
  8. ghost

    October 2015 Observation thread

    Down pouring rain and thunder in West Columbia. Up early to cook tmeals to take over to families in Forest Acres. Think I may wait until later this afternoon to venture into that area to see what how heavy this rain gets.
  9. They are now saying it has not breached. According to WIS news there was "confusion" about what was going on. Which I know in this situation things happen. My fear is that if it should really fail and they issue another alert then people may ignore The news seems to be confused why NWS issued the alert
  10. Our pool and tennis courts in the subdivison in West Columbia. It sits right on the Saluda River down stream from Lake Murray
  11. ghost

    Joaquin/ULL inland flooding threat

    It is getting bad quickly all over the Columbia/Lexington area. National news keeps focusing on Charleston. But Columbia has reports of people trapped in homes, cars, etc. I have several friends who have 3-5 feet of water in first level of home and it is rising. 911 is overwhelmed with calls. Lake Murray Dam is about to release water to ease flooding around Lake. That is going to increase flooding down stream here in the West Columbia area.
  12. ghost

    January Obs Thread

    Sleeting in West Columbia, SC. Wind has really picked up.
  13. ghost

    Earthquake in SC

    Did anyone in the midlands of SC feel the earth just shake. It was wild! Reports from midlands down to Charleston?
  14. ghost

    1/28-1/30 SE Winter Storm OBS

    Pouring sleet with rain and 33 degrees here in West Columbia, SC. Hope for a change to snow soon!
  15. ghost

    1/28-1/30 SE Winter Storm OBS

    Pouring sleet with rain and 33 degrees here in West Columbia, SC. Hope for a change to snow soon!