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  1. Solstice

    NNE Winter Thread

    MRG changing over to heavy snow
  2. Solstice

    NNE Winter Thread

    ^ I would also suggest to measure in drifted and undrifted areas to get a range of the snowpack. Unless you don't want to posthole. Lol
  3. Solstice

    NNE Winter Thread

    Use a snowboard. White piece of plywood or anything that is white essentially. Read up here for more https://www.weather.gov/media/coop/Snow_Measurement_Guidelines-2014.pdf
  4. Solstice

    NNE Winter Thread

    That's literally more than 1/2 the snow I would normally get in a YEAR When I go up there it's 50 degrees and raining, when I go back down to CT it's snowing up north and down south. Maybe I should tell you all my travel plans so you can plan ahead for the crappy weather
  5. Solstice

    NNE Winter Thread

    MRG Webcam
  6. Solstice

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    always nice to see the cold vs warm battle hopefully i will see a snowflake but it probably wont stick well to anything before the eventual change to rain barring any other long or short tracking shifts.
  7. Solstice

    Annual end of Oct blockbuster

    Still haven't had my first frost in SW CT
  8. Interesting period coming up. First double digit days of October will be a period worthy of watching. Signals are there!
  9. Quite the aggressive crew 'round here