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  1. Just like people of Houston texas are suing engineers, local government, and federal government When will people in North Carolina and South Carolina sue local and federal government? thats what this hype is about. our local Gov. here in SC and also NC announced they would release damns and that it would have flooding impact just like Houston TX. Though these little pieces of news were hardly mentioned IF at all of weather channel fox cnn bla bla. I stayed in the storm it wasnt the storm that did all this flooding. Look up law suites in Houston Harvey But... hype away for the one that will twist what im saying. Its exactly this The flooding was the doing of our own governments wether it was local, state, federal. Not the small tropical storm Florence. You may fool some people with this hype garbage you cant and havent been able to fool them all Now knowing what I know and proving it in a court are two different things. How about those private damns, huh! Being encouraged instead of ORDERED to lower your damn level is something else isnt it? Or in the case of Housten when the Govenor ordered the damns to be lowered and if you didnt lower it your decision could be over ridden by National Guard or whoever gov entity but... keep on hyping and if you ever get in a trial in front of a jury of your peers what does that panel know? They know what they heard from the weather channel "STORM OF THE CENTURY" so... keep on hyping but i have taken the task up of letting people know that it wasnt the storm that caused this flooding.