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  1. Dorothy is a state-of-the-art weather casting software that offers agencies with direct information from their local National Weather Service offices. In its original form it offers weather alerts from NWS offices that report weather conditions on location specific information, to be shared via social media for your area. This software is compatible with any NWS office in the continental U.S. and has the capabilities to integrate a SMS (text based) platform. The amazing efficiency in which this software makes this official information available to you surpasses all other options you may have used previously. The options for this software are seemingly limitless. Another feature that surpasses all others is the ability to have the software Auto post to your social media sites while you must step away, it is recommended that this only be used for shorter periods of times simply because a personal touch when lives are at stake is always most comforting. Dorothy also offers Audible Alerts, for when you are multitasking, meaning having Dorothy activated but you are working on other areas that are important to your position with your organization Dorothy will read out to you the official notifications as they appear from the National Weather Services programmed into your version of the software as well as present you with a toast notification that pops up with the information included. Convective Outlook / Models (Click to Enlarge) You will find that we have also integrated the Convective Outlooks with personalized messaging capabilities in to Dorothy as well. Again, the features to Dorothy are seeming limitless and therefore it is hard to mention every aspect possible, so we encourage our prospective customers to openly communicate with us features you would like to see integrated into Dorothy and/or have more information