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    Straddling the Smithtown/Hauppauge Border
  1. My temperature gauge must be on the fritz. It is reading 37.8 at the moment.
  2. I was looking at a high-resolution radar just now and it seems as if the back end of the stuff is moving north and east somehwat rapidly. Am I seeing things?
  3. I actually think the microclimates of Long Island, especially during the winter months, need their OWN subforum, much less a merge with a larger one!
  4. What's the trend been?
  5. A moderate snow here on the Hauppauge/Smithtown border. I've never seen so many forecast shifts so late in the game in one season.
  6. I agree. There's a consistent microclimate that differentiates LI from NYC Metro in my opinion.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I'd rather opt for the snowless forecast and bring on Spring, but I know I am in the minority.
  8. Upton is still calling for 1-2" from this storm, primarily on Monday. Based on the discussions on this forum, is that kinda bullish at this point?
  9. You guys are insatiable. Lol
  10. Ah, yeah you are "up there." Thanks for the frame of geographical reference! There's a sleet/snow battle outside here as I type this.
  11. Amazing how probably a couple of miles makes a difference. I'm on the southern border of Smithtown and it is just sleet here.
  12. Sleet now mixed in here in Hauppauge/Smithtown
  13. Still all snow it appears in Hauppauge/Smithtown border.
  14. Ah, gotcha. Yes, the general public is very skittish about snowstorms in general and especially after last Feb. thanks for the insight.
  15. Weren't those maps that popped up on Facebook shown to be regurgitated totals from last year's storm?