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  1. Still snowing lightly in North Frederick County MD. Snow total 16.1 inches.
  2. Northern Frederick County MD continues to get hammered.
  3. 6" Emmitsburg, Md which is northern Frederick County. Coming down hard and windy.
  4. 4" in Emmitsburg since 930am-ish. Roads gave up an hour ago. It's bad, bad out there.
  5. Frederick County Maryland public schools dismissing 2 hrs early
  6. Took a nap and woke up to snow, heavy snow in Emmitsburg. Grounds covered but streets haven't caved yet. This all occurred within 45mins.
  7. Still absolutely nothing in northern Frederick County MD (Emmitsburg). I'm gonna take.nap and hopefully when I wake up something is happening lol. Enjoy people!
  8. It's doing absolutely nothing in Emmitsburg so far:(
  9. Its changed to pretty big snowflakes in emmitsburg. 24 degrees
  10. 24degrees mix of flurries, sleet , and FZR off and on.