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  1. That second plane is Nasa's B57. At 60k ft looks like they are studying the atmosphere above Patricia. How often is that used in Hurricane research? http://www.nasa.gov/missions/research/b-57_feature.html
  2. Sitting on the front porch earlier as storms moved in we saw at least four huge branching cloud to cloud lightning flashes overhead. Caught one with the cell phone. Had a few CGs strikes nearby during the storm that were crazy loud.
  3. I was 2-yrs old living in Plymouth in '78. In the photo's we have, the snow in the driveway is waist high to my dad (6'). My brothers dug tunnels through the front yard. They had to go out a second floor window to shovel the snow from the front door. I could easily see 40" falling with that one. Only wish I was older to have remembered it. Incidentally parents live in Danbury near the New Fairfield line now and reported 27" from today's storm. Brother in Wallingford, CT reported about 22".