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  1. According to some numbers run yesterday ranks 8th deepest depth for Feb 7th. Ranks 15th overall for snow depth-days. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18t4ck_gINgzfcWfakx00O5X0Sy2Oo4XfRC4nj4yby0c/pubhtml
  2. Correct. it was about being mindful of how we speak, agreed, Scott? Agreed.
  3. Never said a girl couldn't do it either. Just don't be all talk about "manliness." This conversation should be over now.
  4. It's quite the opposite. Let's be honest, there are a whole lot of people who sit around, in front of the computer, and talk a big talk. Don't talk, just do, as they say. It's like spending every Sunday watching football, and considering yourself a big, strong manly athlete when you're just sitting on your ass. It's just stupid. Fills the place with tripe. We literally have people here that post 2 dozen times a day about how screwed they are if it doesn't snow (these are the same people that in turn tell me to "ask my husband" for whatever). Maybe you should check your assumptions at the door, as you can bet your ass I make hell of a lot more of every snow, big and small, than most. If you look at my post history, I don't just talk like so many. You may want to remove yourself... from the comfort of your armchair. Condescension is laughable. Again, I seriously invite you to come with me- and we'll how sensitive we both are. Could you keep up for 5 minutes? or would we have to take a lot of breaks, big guy? I'm a very outspoken and outgoing dude, this is a real invitation. You'll have fun if your attitude is as good as it seems on here. Anonymity's an interesting beast. But thanks your feedback. Back to recess with you.
  5. I don't care how long you've been skiing. Look at what I wrote. Don't pull a red herring. Don't try some safe space bull**** on me- I'm calling out the claim of "Man's snow" when all some folks do is look at a computer screen and talk about snow, but don't actually do anything that makes you more of a "man". It doesn't snow. You b**ch. The antithesis of being a "man." In high school, we'd call you "posers" or, "poseurs." Looking at a computer screen, or some weather model, and bitching incessantly about when it's gonna snow? That's "manly"? Seems like this place is a "safe space" then for some "grown" men. So drop the BS and be honest. I'm saying drop the BS, this place has, effectively, very few women participating- and it would be much improved if that changed. Stop the bull****. You're ready for that, right?
  6. Great about your kids and all. It's not faux outrage, or "butt hurt" (BTW, great butt reference) but was about some dude talking up "man snow" as an armchair quarterback, ****ting on the "Smuggs webcam shows 4" today bull$****" comment. I am that comment- 4" at Smuggs is good for me. Why? because 4" at Smuggs adds up to 20" in a week, and I go hike up a goddamn mountain and ski that **** "like a real man". Gonna sound egotistical here, but I don't buy lift tickets. I don't ski the resorts. I was calling out the bull****. But maybe Scott, or whatever his name is, needs to think about how he talks- and you do too. I don't care how many kids you have, or he has, or how great a guy both of you are- the world doesn't care. I'm just saying he talks about "real man snow" from his computer desk. And there's nothing "manly" about being a spectator within the Boston beltway, just talking and talking- that's all most of the people around here do. Effectively, you talk about chopping wood, but there's a lot of round logs sitting behind the barn. What's the point of talking about chopping wood? Or having it snow? You just talk. So maybe just drop some adjectives, and realize when you're just a spectator. Leave the talk of deep "man" snow, up in the mountains and elsewhere, to the PEOPLE that actually do more than talk.
  7. You'll definitely leave me behind on your many laps in the glades because we don't ski glades. We ski the "woods" or the "trees" as glades are trail map markers. Seriously, though- open invitation. Come. Try. Last time we went out in the woods, a girl kept up pretty damn well for her first rodeo- better than most guys in the same situation. And one caveat- the volume of voice before has a strong positive correlation to the likelihood of a humbling outcome thereafter.
  8. Only boys grown taller. If you wanna "man up", an open invitation to find snow. We'll grab an extra setup and we can head into the mountains together, take turns breaking trail. Let's see how we stack up, eh? Until then, keep looking into a computer screen, or out a window, and keep talking..
  9. yeah, beat on vicarious chest watching models of the Sierra once-in-ten-year. But it's not so bad actually going up for a hike up a mountain ski that "4" of bullsh*t like a real man/woman and enjoy it. But we'll have none of that, here. Armchair, lift chair and car seats only, boys. sorry, but the "man snow" comment speaks to a boys clubby BS 'round here that just doesn't sit. Half the population doesn't really seem to have an interest in participating. We could call "man snow" just "snow" or " a lot of snow" Seems small, and I don't want to single anyone out... but there's hundreds of guys on this website and how many women? Maybe there's a reason they don't participate. Just a thought.
  10. try putting it in your browser. Though it would be cool to get more folks from Canukistan reporting in. The Gaspe Peninsula, especially, is somewhat of a blackbox of weather- the Chic Chocs are a huge area, get tons of snow and are relatively inaccessible. Snowfall averages thrown around range anywhere between 250-400"/year. That high end seems quit possible with 4k ft elevations and proximity to the ocean with latitude to boot. The snow gets deeeep up there- last March, Vermont had ~30" snowpack up high at the Mansfield stake. We measured a snowpack of 1.8m/72" via avi probe well well below treeline at ~2500' elevation- and this was more of a nice protected summit of a sub-mountain/hill than one of the major peaks- this was more in the shadow of the major massifs and a nice week in an overall decent snowyear (not tops, apparently). Felt like a combination of Colorado/Wyoming, Vermont and Hokaido (not that I've been there, but the way the ecology looks in places and proximity to the ocean- similar). Up high, we didn't bother trying. Above treeline, so exposed to wind- who knows how deep. Like Mt. Washington in a lot of ways- only way more expansive! Cool place, highly recommended. Done with the rant!
  11. Ran the Mansfield stake data a little while ago (just basic stats, reformatted hard drive a few days ago so working on getting things back up and running). IIRC the stake data had something running in the high 80's percentile wise mid-month, then dropped into the mid-70's for total depth. Snow depth days for the month of December was running somewhere in the mid-70's as well (again, IIRC). The liquid in the snowpack was high by the collective accounts (didn't have time to run the numbers here, just brought that data in recently- needs clean up). Around New Years eve skied like a really good December in the backcountry. It felt like a month later, where you could just rip (maybe nearsightedness in my memory). Though the deep streambeds open in places spoke to the rain that happened. Overall, I'd say it was above average up high for December- not by a huge margin, but good. The regularly flip to light rainers was a curveball. Since then, it's been downward. January may be a tough month, but personal anectdote- January is usually a crappy month. Good Decembers get you buzzed, and Feb/March snow is usually more consistent. January seems to form bleak memories in general over the past decade or so.
  12. WINDS...SOUTH 30 TO 40 MPH WITH GUSTS UP TO 60 MPH. the higher winds were forecasted along the lake up around St. Albans last I checked... seems like the forecast was pretty spot on around here. It didn't appear to say that 60 mph winds would be everywhere, but somewhere. The glass can be half full once in a while, bro.
  13. not always a bust... Was walking by the wind turbine up at the hospital around 8:15 and then again an hour later. A couple gusts definitely knocked me around a bit. Ballpark 40mph gusts.
  14. interesting little observation this morning- there was a light band of lake effect dust coming off Champlain. Seems to coincide with sunrise- using google earth, it appears the sun hit the lake right after 7:25AM coming over Camel's hump, and resulted in a little flare up over the eastern shore of the lake. Wonder if the cold air + solar radiation drove this brief pulse- it appears very localized right over land. So being a bit crazy, been spending some time messing around with some code on the side these days- starting to get together a program that downloads individual BTV composite radar images and animates them into a loop for the overnight after missing out on some of these sleeper events- working on the animation stuff now, have the database of images setup. figured it would be nice to wake up at 6AM and see what happened instead of waiting for reports from resorts. fun project.