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    Major Hurricane Michael

    HMON 18z is showing 933mb with 125kt winds and HWRF 18z is showing significantly lower pressure versus 12z. These runs are bonkers. Although, they both have been trending towards a stronger storm.
  2. Blitzgunner

    3/19/18 Dixie Alley severe outbreak

    BMX is reporting 3000 cape in Birmingham from weather balloon
  3. Blitzgunner

    3/19/18 Dixie Alley severe outbreak

    HRRR 16z really ramps the STP values for central/north Alabama. 1km storm relative helicity is 300-400 while 3km is 400-500
  4. Blitzgunner

    3/19/18 Dixie Alley severe outbreak

    NAM 3km, Hrrr, HrrrX all showing peek SigTor’s around 6.5-7.5 with much of central AL (Tuscaloosa, Birmingham) with a 4-5 SigTor. Cape values will be 3000+ I’m in Tuscaloosa and the sun is already coming out. Not a good sign... When is the SPC going to pull the trigger and upgrade to moderate? Just curious what’s holding them back.
  5. Blitzgunner

    3/19/18 Dixie Alley severe outbreak

    Nam 3km showing a PDS TOR hazard type... Tomorrow's severe event is mostly localized to Alabama and there is still some uncertainty to the magnitude of the event. However, as an Alabama resident, if the NAM 3km does verify I'm afraid that the public is unprepared. None of my friends or family are taking tomorrow's severe weather threat seriously.
  6. Blitzgunner

    Harvey - Main Thread

    1 inch an hour expanding over Houston. Looks like a band of 2-3 inches per hour will setup over Houston Metro. https://radar.weather.gov/ridge/radar.php?product=N1P&rid=HGX&loop=yes
  7. Blitzgunner

    Harvey - Main Thread

    Harvey's pressure is slowly dropping and the NAM-3km seems to forecast Harvey's low pressure accurately. Seems to show Harvey doing donuts around the Houston area. This would be terrible... https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=nam3km&region=us&pkg=ref_frzn&runtime=2017082818&fh=1&xpos=0&ypos=0