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  1. Medford, N.Y. Central Suffolk County. I can confirm the 11pm NWS report of 9 inches at Farmingvlle. Absolutely getting crushed out here since 8pm. If we continue getting snow bands through here until around 7am, this area will hit 12-18. Any more word on potntial road closures in Suffolk County?
  2. Medford, NY It's been pouring snow again for the past 1 hour. When I was outside 2 1/2 hours ago, I had measured 14 inches. I think we're on track to hit between 24-30 by midnight or so. All hail the NAM!
  3. I think that the consistency of the NAM over the past 5 or so runs has to give one pause to dismiss. Yes, it's the NAM, but usually you can use that line of thinking when it bounces all over the place from run to run. Then when you are start to see models such as UKMET and SREF's show some healthy returns; well, I'll just saw that it makes for another interesting night of model reading. What's another night of sleep deprivation?
  4. Upton isn't giving up on their thoughts of how this storm plays out either; the latest forecast map has actually seen the projected rainfall tick up a bit...through 2pm Thursday, 10/29: Created: 10/28/15 9:53 AM EDT
  5. The storm totals that OKX had put up early this morning was through Friday 6pm; this map only goes out thru Thursday 6am.
  6. Upton has gone back to it's 24-36 inch prediction it rolled out yesterday; I'm guessing that the neg tilt that's occurring now rather than later has convinced them to put those numbers back up. ...and we wait for the King to confirm...