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Hi y'all! My name is Claire. I am a youngin' who is a big weather enthusiast. I have been interested in the weather ever since I have been a little kid. I took another route into the medical field, but that doesn't stop me from watching The Weather Channel all day, and watching the internet as chasers take over my twitter feed! I am looking to get to my first chase this summer of 2017 in the Midwest! Hopefully everything works out as planned. I recently splurged and bought myself a Nikon D3400 camera. Im pretty excited to be getting into the photography world! I find myself to be lucky since I was born in May, and a majority of tornadoes happen in that time period! :) If i'm not watching the weather or working, I enjoy snuggling with my dog who I adore, reading a good book, or spending my time outside listening to the birds. If anyone would like to contact me I will leave contact info below. I hope that this website brings me closer to chasers, meteorologists, photographers, and weather enthusiasts like myself. Thanks so much for reading! Ps. If you have any tips for me, don't be scared to share. I could always use some type of guidance! 



Twitter: claire_bear125

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