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  1. Can evreyone update were they are and snow totals ? I’m going out in 1 hr to measure ..
  2. Hey all ,how is evreyone?Does night time and this being mid January help any with the wtod??
  3. If it’s 60 and sun I’m loving it but I’m with u 8 + storm I’m all in with u.
  4. U are a good optimist like me!
  5. That is some good stuff also I’m upset at nighttime storm we are over due for a good daylight thunder thump ..$
  6. Like cranberry gibsonia areas get the big band?
  7. 8 inch to what ever yes would be great.
  8. Ill be honest o on Tuesday again i am happy that we go to 40,s on late week.Ill take big storm but this 1-2 stuff and o temps got me wishing for 80,s.You know its cold when i complain i love winter more than anyone.I love snow storm this brutal cold is killing me.
  9. Anyone look on noaa to see who got most in western pa?
  10. WHat time for expected clipper Monday night ?
  11. Undertaker from accu just said new castle turned to snow already and is the first station in pa to change to snow.
  12. Yes all will agree to that>lets watch ohio and see how things are there.
  13. Yep there back to freezing rain .