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  1. Great analysis the last couple days. Watched the few storms that fired in PA dry out as others mentioned would likely happen. That said, diminishing parameters failed those to the north today/tonight. We'll get ours eventually.
  2. Thanks Katie. Looking forward to the updated map.PS- 31" in Fair Oaks Fairfax.
  3. Can somebody repost the map? I can't find it. Thank you.
  4. Phin has been saying the same thing about ice storms since I've been on the boards going back to 2004. It's his "thing."
  5. Cold air is locked in....mid-upper 20s through upstate SC and NE GA this hour.
  6. Check out the vids on this page:
  7. Destroyed by the storm. There is major flooding occurring in Delaware with boat evacuations underway.
  8. Ocean City MD pier is gone. Flooding is worse than Sandy there, Dewey, Rehobeth, etc.
  9. It's insane out right now. On top of a parking garage getting crushed.
  10. Sleet hasn't progressed north....last couple of frames of the loop show it collapsing slightly. DC/NOVA will be all snow.
  11. Several of our KU storms occur when the negative NAO is transitioning to neutral or even positive. Even a neutral NAO can act as a mechanism to slow storms along the east coast. So it does offer a better probably of having a snowstorm based on the previous teleconnections plot you posted.
  12. I'm vacationing in Lake Placid and have picked up a couple inches since 4am. Right in the trajectory of the Ontario lake band and even some Erie connection. Beautiful winter scene outside.
  13. Wow...met him snow chasing in Boston in 2013. Drank a few beers and went out picture taking. Really nice guy.