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  1. I think we will see an enhanced risk in the Midwest tomorrow and maybe in OH/PA area on Saturday depending on the previous days storms
  2. 18z NAM has some ridiculous parameters over the Upper Ohio Valley Saturday afternoon The crazy sound out of Eastern Ohio during the afternoon
  3. Saturday looks so complex and will not get any fine details of the day of, this regards from the Eastern Plains/Ozarks eastward through the Ohio Valley to the East Coast, just an large complex late-may severe weather outbreak scenario
  4. Not the new update, that's for this past evening and right now lol
  5. Alva storm look like is going to drop something significant on the KS/OK border area
  6. Saturday and Sunday could get interesting in Upper Ohio Valley
  7. Looks like an another high risk day, the best looking one for potential in the high risk this year
  8. Thursday over an large area from Indiana eastward needs to be watched too. NAM and NAM hi-res has good parameters in place from Indiana into Ohio and Pennsylvania on Thursday. Some limiting factors but some decent parameters in place
  9. This thread is really threat, that supercell storm in Wisconsin has been dropping tornadoes consistently for the past 2 1/2 hours. Some very significant damage has occurred
  10. SPC i think will have Wednesday have an marginal over most Ohio valley with slight or enhanced in where marginal is now on the Day 2. I think there could couple tornadoes over an area. Maybe several isolated supercells
  11. Tornado Warning west Harrisburg on the supercell, the environment over the Susquahanna Valley is favorable for significant tornadoes, as this storms moves out of the mountains. Already has an very strong signature
  12. Looks like there's an decent supercell over South Central PA, rotation has been increasing for the past half hour or so
  13. I think we might had quite an few spin up tornadoes today, The damage picture is from Plum, might be a brief but strong tornado. During the Butler/Armstrong County warned storm radar did have an debris ball on it. I think i saw spin up tornado from an friends house watching the storm, over on the hills near Tarentum. Good severe weather day, and was quite widespread wind damage day
  14. Tornado Watch is expected to be issued around 1PM
  15. Today looks like it could be a day where the shear takes advantage of any instability between 500 j/kg and 1000 j/kg. The enhanced risk large and somewhere in it will get an upgrade based one the trends