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  1. dreamlander

    Different radars show different results

    Thank you for the help.
  2. dreamlander

    Different radars show different results

    I did not know that. I just assumed distance was a variable. Thanks for the article link. So when I look at a national radar such as one from Accuweather, what am I looking at? Is it a combination of a bunch of radars? So when using Pykl3 should I switch around to the 3 radars in ND to guess what is happening?
  3. Hi, I know next to nothing about weather, but I am trying to learn. I downloaded Pylk3 on my phone based on a bunch of recommendations. I have done enough reading to understand reflectivity and velocity, and how to read them. I am really having trouble understanding the radar from location to location. Sorry I might not be using correct terms here, but try to follow. If I am viewing the radar from one city it shows no precipitation. Then I switch to another city that is 100 mi away from the first location, and it show a big stretch of precipitation in an area that is also covered by for first city's radar. What the heck is going on here? I live close to the same distance from both cities. Yet one radar show precip overhead and the other doesn't. Help me understand please. Also if you could point me to any good radar learning reading or videos for a beginner I would appreciate it. My main interest is following and predicting storms.