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  1. I accidentally posted this on a different thread, but anyway, from what it seems, I believe there definitely will be severe weather on 2/24, but I don't think it would be as strong as some severe events we have seen so far this year. This definitely shows a storm system moving through however... The energy helicity doesn't look to promising at the moment. Usually values above 1.5 pose a more dangerous situation but these values are mainly 1-1.5. Lastly, the significant tornado parameter is decently low in the same area currently. I'd say looking at the situation right now, when the severe weather outlooks are released, there will be mainly a marginal risk and maybe a slight.
  2. The storm prediction has this area marked as a 15% chance of severe weather on Friday: This severe weather will most likely be sparked by the winter storm taking shape. However, helicity and tornado parameter models are showing that if severe weather does occur, it won't be as bad as it could be. This is at it's peak for the area that could possibly face bad weather. What level of severity do you guys think all of these storms will happen at?
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