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  1. Yes, I have looked at that very locale. That is the ideal except it's expensive and a bit farther from home than I prefer. In my original post, I mentioned that I had come up with three spots -- New Mexico, Gatlinburg TN and Boone NC areas. Those are general areas and Highlands NC is part of the western NC area that fits. The climate looks great. Gatlinburg and perhaps this spot is too 'touristy' for me, but I would hope that I could get away from the metro area up in the hills/mountains and find a spot.
  2. Finally, somebody replied, thanks! I have quickly scoured each link and haven't found it yet but it will take more digging. Surely, I could get this 'report' somewhere! In summary, if I could search all of the reporting stations for a state... let's say all of the stations in TN... instead of having to click on each individual station!... and give me a report of the high temps for July and August over a timeframe of, say, 50 years... that should give a pretty good idea of the spot with the coolest daily summer temps. That is what I am looking for -- cooler daytime temps. If anyone has any idea, please let me know! I also found this older thread --
  3. For several years, I have researched this and I have never found a way other than google to find the info. I am looking for a cooler summer climate than where I live -- Northwest Louisiana. It's just too dang hot here anymore. We are routinely having summers with many days over 100 degrees. Far too many days 103-110. Coupled with the humidity, it is just brutal. So, I would like to find the closest location to here to take a travel trailer to or build a second home on for summers. The obvious solution would be Arkansas, but so far, I have not convinced myself that there is any spot in Arkansas with enough temp difference. I have found maybe 3-6 degrees cooler of summer high temps but I really think I need something cooler. Generally, part of the formula to get cooler temps is elevation. Combined with Arkansas's latitude, I don't think 1500', even 2000' rise is enough to do it. The only place I know of with elevations higher than that would be between Fort Smith and Fayetteville. And I don't know how you get climate data for very small towns or locales. I wonder if there is a way to find climate data for small weather reporting stations? Over the years, I have surmised that the choices for me to enjoy appreciably cooler summer highs and be within two days drive are New Mexico, Gatlinburg, TN and Boone, NC. But close is better. I just haven't found it. Any insight on how to find historical data for small locales? Website links or books? Could a weather bureau help? For instance, I have not found a database that I could search. Like, if I wanted to find lowest summer high temps in Arkansas, anyone know a link for such? Only way I have been able to do it is to just search for the climate data for cities/towns that I find. One after another. That provides data, but it's laborious, and I might miss something.