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  1. bricka1222

    Michael Banter Thread

    This may have been posted already but: Mexico Beach: https://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/michael/index.html#16/29.9489/-85.4177 Saint Joe Beach: https://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/michael/index.html#15/29.8995/-85.3554 Oh, and I guess if it just hasn't been posted recently: https://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/michael/index.html The crazy line of flattened forest vs. relatively unscathed houses is amazing.
  2. bricka1222

    Michael Banter Thread

    https://www.pscp.tv/TxStormChasers/1kvKpavqBYoGE SMOKE FASTER ITS GETTING AWAY In regards to storm banter, is this time of year considered "past peak" in terms of tourism?
  3. bricka1222

    Major Hurricane Michael

    EE probably. Regardless of the drama, watch some of the chaser videos that were in the eye as it passed near land. Whoever was in a structure or a vehicle in the path of the eye suffered serious wind/debris damage. Many of the modern US hurricanes haven't had that as a feature so when it happens I think people don't understand how the effect is immediate vs. slow burn floods like the recent storms. This thing is/was a beast. I've been reading some local Mexico Beach boards and they said a significant amount of people stuck around based on overnight predictions. Probably just internet rumors but if so yikes.
  4. bricka1222

    Feb 9th Coastal Obs

    "Thundersnow" in New Bedford MA about 20 mins ago, really intense for the last 30 mins or so.
  5. bricka1222

    January 7th/8th snowstorm obs/nowcast

    From about 5 minutes ago:
  6. bricka1222

    January 7th/8th snowstorm obs/nowcast

    Full on sideways blowing snow now, who knows the measurements:
  7. bricka1222

    January 7th/8th snowstorm obs/nowcast

    Too much blowing to accurately measure but I am thinking New Bedford is probably at around 6-7 inches: Edit, meant to say 6-7
  8. bricka1222

    January 7th/8th snowstorm obs/nowcast

    Forgot my old account info but created new one just to report in. In New Bedford, near Dartmouth line. Insane rates for the last 1.5 hrs, probably picked up 3-3.5. Sitting in an incredible band right now.