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  1. Another advection question I can't wrap my head around. In my course notes it says that generally a high will move toward areas of the greatest CAA and lows will move toward areas of greatest WAA. That seems backwards to me, can someone straighten me out please? Thanks in advance...
  2. Many Thanks. It made sense after I saw the correct answer but I wanted to make sure my reasoning was dynamically sound.
  3. Good Morning - A recently got this question wrong (and I'm paraphrasing from memory): You have cold air advection in the upper, mid, and lower levels what can you expect to happen to the heights/prssure in these levels? B R E A K I put fall, fall, fall and got it wrong, the right answer was fall, fall, rise. So, dynamically, the upper and mid heights would fall due to the colder denser air dropping them and the low/sfc pressure would rise because it has nowhere to sink to thus adding mass at the surface? Thanks in advance...