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  1. This threat is really starting to evolve nicely. Great to see the Euro with a big hit for NC now. We are seeing strong signals for a storm on all the models now. And we have not had this much agreement and consistency for a threat this far out since the early December storm. This is legit.
  2. I liked the version before the current one a lot better.
  3. I would love to see Matthew East at WRAL. As far as Fishel resigning, it really is bizarre. He was gone for about a month this same time last year, and they said it was a medical leave. This sounds really bad, and whatever is going on interfered with his job. I wonder if it is alcohol or drug related. Whatever it is, I hope he gets the help he needs and gets better. This is just a tremendous loss for WRAL and weather geeks in the Triangle area. I grew up watching Fishel, and he was a big reason why I became so interested in the weather.
  4. Good thing that December storm was a good one here. Otherwise, I'd be totally blanked for this winter. And it seems once again we had a big storm here and then nothing at all afterwards. It's been that way since 2000. We either have nothing, a couple of decent storms, or one big storm and then nothing at all afterwards. I should have known that was it once we got the big one in December. Oh, and the FV3 was the best for the December storm, but it has been awful the past month in showing fantasy storms in the 7 to 10 day period that never happen. I guess we have severe weather to look forward to now. Hopefully, the models will be better with the severe chances than they were with winter storm chances.
  5. Where's the storm thresd for this weekend? The FV3 is where it's at!
  6. 7 days is a long way to go when it comes to weather.
  7. Not sure we really had a good pattern at all before that storm. It was early December, and 70 degrees here just a week before I got 10 inches of snow. I wouldn't call that a blockbuster patter and time climate wise for a big storm here, but it happened.
  8. Plenty of time for things to get better or worse with next week's threat, but this is reminding me of how the December storm evolved on the models. We also had a high near 70 here about a week before that storm, just like today.
  9. Well, guess I should be happy to have gotten the big storm in early December. The only problem is it seems one big storm is the most we can get around here, and if we have a big storm early then most times we rarely get anything of any significance for the rest of winter. We either get two or three small storms, one big storm, or nothing at all. Getting more than one big storm, or a big storm and then two or three more good storms seems impossible here.
  10. And that is the direction I have to go for work.
  11. So, looks like the models have anywhere from 2 to 16 inches here. Just a bit of a spread.
  12. Wow, now that would be a huge surprise.
  13. Might want to get some ketchup.
  14. Sounds like a repeat of today with the models getting better as we got closer.
  15. I could see getting a couple more inches tomorrow for an encore.
  16. Looks like we lucked out with not getting much ice, too. Changed to rain.
  17. I'd give the tag team belts to FV3 and HRRR. I thought they were the best ling and short range models.
  18. Yes, those two did the best with the long and short range.
  19. Measured 9.5 inches in my yard. Would be awesome to get a little more tomorrow.
  20. Looks like it might be starting to mix here.