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  1. I'm with you, cloudy weather is kinda miserable regardless of temperature, especially if it's rainy or drizzly. This January was especially ridiculous with the cloudiness, I'm used to the semi-persistent cloud deck but I think we went over two full weeks without seeing the sun and there was hardly a single clear sky all month. The weather hasn't been great lately and the mid-long range is only looking worse, all the storm tracks are too far south for us to get warmth without clouds/rain. I'm practically dreaming about summer at this point, consistent 70-90 degree weather, 9pm sunsets, and the occasional big thunderstorm kinda make the rest of the crappy seasons worth it.
  2. I'll up my overall grade to a C-, 65 degrees, multiple thunderstorm days, and a windstorm (or was that March?) in February was a nice break from the monotony. March has been a total snoozefest, but that's pretty normal here. November: C December: B+ January: F(ricking depressing) February: B- March: C
  3. London hasn't done too well in recent years either: Average is 76.5 inches '09-'10: 108.7 cm / 42.8 inches '10-'11: 306.1 cm / 120.5 inches '11-'12: 132.2 cm / 52.0 inches '12-'13: 140.5 cm / 55.3 inches '13-'14: 242.5 cm / 95.5 inches '14-'15: 158.0 cm / 62.2 inches '15-'16: 165.5 cm / 65.2 inches '16-'17 YTD: 162.6 cm / 64.0 inches Obviously I can't complain too much because we still crack 50 pretty consistently, but 2 above average years out of the last 8 is kinda depressing. Maybe we're still in debt from '10-'11 lol, that winter was incredible.
  4. Amen, after this winter all I want is as much 80+ degree weather as possible.
  5. Wait where do they not use parking meters? My city still has them...
  6. That was pretty crazy, lots of heavy rain and lightning. Looks like all the wind and hail stayed to the North but I'm not about to complain, that was wilder than 90% of the storms last summer.
  7. It's nothing compared to most on the forum but we finally cracked 65 in London at 10:30, feels amazing. Previous monthly record was 64.
  8. I almost impulse bought one of those to ride on the unplowed trails of my city, kind of glad I didn't after the winter we had xD
  9. Holy crap 19 is crazy, I was up in Collingwood and they were actually the first to tag 10 Celsius today at 7 AM, maybe because of the downslope wind off the escarpment? It was 13 and sunny basically all day, saw multiple people skiing in T-shirt and shorts.
  10. It'll be interesting to see how my local ski hill fairs during this, the base is already dicey so I dunno if they can even stay open until March... Why oh why did I buy a pass.
  11. D, December was pretty nice but that only made January even more dissapointing. I'd go as far as to say it was one of the most miserable stretches of weather I've ever seen, we got absolutely no sunlight and it just alternated between cold and dry and mild with stratiform rain. Absolutely nothing interesting happened after the one decent snowsquall on the 8th. All the warmth and thunderstorms were to the South and West, all the snowsqualls were to the North, all the ice and snow was to the East.
  12. Pretty sad that this has been accurate since December...
  13. All in all YXU finished with around 15" of snow and almost 2.5" of rain compared to average snowfall of 19.4" and average rainfall of 1.3". Mean temp was 28.4, 6.5 degrees above average, although daily highs were a bit closer to average. The cold stretch and snowsqualls early on padded the stats, but the second half of this January was just abysmal.