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  1. At least it's not as disappointing when you've come to expect it
  2. Bye bye slight risk, story of this summer.
  3. I have family in Shanghai and it seems like they have record breaking heatwaves every year now. Oppressive humidity is perpetual in summer there so when the temperatures get into the high 30s the heat indices are insane, even in the middle of the night. My mom says that growing up under communism they didn't even have electric fans let alone A/C, that must've really sucked.
  4. I agree, we're on the third overcast day in a row and it's honestly aggravating. Is mid 20s and sunny really so much to ask for?
  5. Damn that's crazy, here in North London we just got a bit of wind and rain, everything has been missing my house lately. I was pretty surprised when I saw the power outages and hail videos from other parts of the city.
  6. Boggles my mind that anyone could live in such a place... Even at night it must be absolute misery.
  7. Lmao at all the 90s, it was a comparatively chilly 79 here with a dew point in the high 60s. A pretty intense squall line moved through around 5, wasn't too crazy IMBY but a couple thousand lost power. All in all I'd consider this a perfect weather day, pretty close to climo for mid-summer in London.
  8. Yeah that's all correct. Grand Canyon is a 4 hour drive, I just rented a car when I was there. It worked out well since Vegas isn't very walkable and the public transport is non-existent. The heat shouldn't be too bad since it's only May and the air is dry, just make sure to bring a lot of water and a hat when you go hiking, the sun is intense and there's barely any shade.
  9. I haven't been to California so I can't comment, but I did go to Nevada once. Don't spend too long in Vegas proper, unless you really like gambling. The buffets are great and the strip is worth seeing, but a single afternoon+evening is enough to see everything. Red Rock Canyon is much more interesting, I believe the trail I hiked there was Calico Tanks, it was a fun, relatively easy hike with cool rock formations and an amazing view of the city at the end. The Hoover Dam is worth seeing too IMO, and Mt. Charleston is supposed to be nice but I didn't go there. If you can make it out to the Grand Canyon, it's obviously a must-see. I've seen plenty of breathtaking natural scenery, but nothing quite compares to seeing the sun set over the Grand Canyon.
  10. Only ended up with ~2 inches here despite model consensus in the 3 inch range, Environment Canada's conservative estimates were almost bang-on. Still a bit of flooding in the parkland along the river, but no worse than the average spring thaw.
  11. I'd put money on the first 65 degree day of May IMBY being after the 15th. This ****ing sucks.
  12. Ugh, a couple GFS runs even had wet snow on the back side for Saturday. Just as the weather was starting to get nice...
  13. I'm with you, cloudy weather is kinda miserable regardless of temperature, especially if it's rainy or drizzly. This January was especially ridiculous with the cloudiness, I'm used to the semi-persistent cloud deck but I think we went over two full weeks without seeing the sun and there was hardly a single clear sky all month. The weather hasn't been great lately and the mid-long range is only looking worse, all the storm tracks are too far south for us to get warmth without clouds/rain. I'm practically dreaming about summer at this point, consistent 70-90 degree weather, 9pm sunsets, and the occasional big thunderstorm kinda make the rest of the crappy seasons worth it.
  14. I'll up my overall grade to a C-, 65 degrees, multiple thunderstorm days, and a windstorm (or was that March?) in February was a nice break from the monotony. March has been a total snoozefest, but that's pretty normal here. November: C December: B+ January: F(ricking depressing) February: B- March: C
  15. London hasn't done too well in recent years either: Average is 76.5 inches '09-'10: 108.7 cm / 42.8 inches '10-'11: 306.1 cm / 120.5 inches '11-'12: 132.2 cm / 52.0 inches '12-'13: 140.5 cm / 55.3 inches '13-'14: 242.5 cm / 95.5 inches '14-'15: 158.0 cm / 62.2 inches '15-'16: 165.5 cm / 65.2 inches '16-'17 YTD: 162.6 cm / 64.0 inches Obviously I can't complain too much because we still crack 50 pretty consistently, but 2 above average years out of the last 8 is kinda depressing. Maybe we're still in debt from '10-'11 lol, that winter was incredible.