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  1. Mad River reporting 12-17 with more to come. Good times for the MRV.
  2. From Mad River Glen: We scored another 2-4" today on top of 6-8“ overnight boosting the storm total to a whopping 33-40” and conditions are trending beyond EPIC towards MYTHIC in scope! From Jay Peak: Last Update: Mar 15, 11:39am 24 Hrs -- 10 to 12 ″ 48 Hrs --35 ″ 7 Days -- 72 ″ From Stowe: Last 72 Hours: 29 - 37 inches From Sugarbush: 5:30 Pm report 72 Hour: Summit 39" Mid 29" Base 22"
  3. Thanks Hitman and pf. At Stratton. Only problem is that it isn't steep enough for all the snow!
  4. Help me out here. Long time lurker. Location of Saratoga Springs, NY and Warren, Vt (Sugarbush). I follow the big storms on here (SNE forum because it most active). It seems like Nor'easters, as a general rule, have an awful hard time over the last several years in delivering the serious goods to CVT. Either super sharp cut-off on the western edge or shadowing or some other variable derails what appears to be a good looking track. This one looks to be a coastal hugger or canal track with decent moisture feed but unless upslope pans out - not a lot of love for CVT. I remember (perhaps nostalgically) watching model threads on Easternwx and waiting for the melt down of the majority as the storm "shifted west" closer to the coast, tainting in the big cities, and then packing my truck and heading to Sugarbush or Killington for 12 plus of glorious powder. This mornings models appear to be trending in the right direction but what should I be looking at to help decide to use Sick Day for skiing in CVT or NVT versus just heading to So. Vt. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ridiculous! Very jelly. Enjoy the VTAAHHH powder while it lasts. Heading to Sugarbush shortly.
  6. Good for you. Tough to take time off and get shut out. Come up later in the week. It is deep top to bottom now. Unlucky here today. All other mountains are fully or mostly operational.
  7. Estimate of a foot here at the base of Sugarbush. Last 3 inches were pure fluff. Gusty now.
  8. Light to mod snow at Sugarbush now. Hoping some heavier stuff comes through again soon. Looks 7 - 8 inches on the ground.
  9. Awesome. Long over due! Still coming down nicely here at the base of Sugarbush.
  10. Same here at Sugarbush. Been snowing lightly with sugar flakes for 2.5 hours. Just picked up in flake size and intensity. Eyeballing 1.5 inches.
  11. Amazing pics. Thanks for sharing.
  12. No. I have not seen where it is. Why?
  13. I skiied until 1:00 pm today at Sugarbush. I saw a few graupal like flakes and some sleet but did not see 3 inches of new snow. The mountain is not reporting 3 inches so my bet is wind. Very windy now. Hoping the Euro pans out on Thursday.
  14. Is this what is called a blocked flow? Radar looks like snow is not making past west side of the greens, the entire length of the spine.