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  1. The "rotation" that passed over southwestern Wayne came within 2 miles of the house. There was nothing exciting to note in the clouds.
  2. Nice flakes in southwestern Wayne. 25 with 12mph winds
  3. I have scratched my head all day as to why no concern has been put on the ZR. Sleet is one thing, ZR is a whole different beast.
  4. Just an update on southwestern Wayne County. Total rainfall was between 14-16 inches. Highest measured gust I have heard of was 65mph. Currently power is slowly being restored, along with county water service. Over half of the roads have some damage, some are completely gone. The flash flooding destroyed the roads and flooded some homes by Saturday night/ Sunday morning. Now the flash water is gone but the Neuse River is reaching an all time high, but should start coming down soon. The clown models were correct, the gust after the storm the NWS showed concern about occurred, and water has reached levels Floyd didn't touch.
  5. 2 inches since 7:00am in southern Wayne County. Already reports of power outages and trees falling.
  6. Roof off a mobile home in southeastern Wayne County
  7. Sleet/rain mix in Mt. Olive, NC. 39 degrees.