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  1. HAH! I honestly didn't. Like I've said (repeatedly), my interest in discussing events in the MA forum is because I spend 45+ hours a week in MD.
  2. oh's been awhile, how've you been?
  3. Thanks again. Did not know the SREF was a conglomeration of 18z data with some extra datapoints tacked on.
  4. I wouldn't if I didn't work 15 miles north of Baltimore.
  5. Thank you. There was a bulletin that went out saying special sounding was supposed to start at 18z, thought this data might be rolled into the 21z SREF. Wasn't sure if the change was due to unreliable model or new ingested data.
  6. Not asking anyone here to care about PA.
  7. Sorry you take model output discussion so personally that you feel the need to flame anyone that wants an honest, legitimate discussion about a model that shows a change that may not benefit you.
  8. If I wanted to troll, I'd have posted something along the lines of "hahahaha, sucks to be you guys, ****ers!"
  9. People really need to step away from the keyboard if they aren't able to objectively analyze and discuss model output.
  10. Dude, gfy. I have no interest in trolling.
  11. Commute 1.25 hours to work. 30W to 83S to Padonia Rd, left on Beaver Dam, work 0.25 miles up the road.
  12. Bob said he wasn't concerned unless there was a twist. There seemed to be a twist, and I was hoping for some decent discussion about it. Instead, I was told to GTFO, even though I have legitimate reason for wanting to discuss the potential cause of and potential implications of the change in guidance. Sure, the SREF may be unreliable. But there is another variable: new data from soundings. I'm certainly not a met, but from a scientific standpoint, when there are two variables, you can't just throw one out because "oh, well that's always this way."
  13. Didn't know that discussing a model, however reliable it may be, in the model thread was against the rules. And mappy, GFY