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  1. 18z rgem stalls the coastal farther south than the NAM. Drops 1-2" NW of the cities.
  2. CMC much improved over last run. Has the low and the high in pretty good spots. Looks like this could be a time period to keep an eye on.
  3. Ukie looks real good to me. Looks like it just has a straight NE trajectory without the precipitation sliding east at our latitude like a few of the other models.
  4. 19z hrrr is a tick north of 18z. Should be fun tracking the radar tonight.
  5. 1.5" in Mount airy. Was just barely north of the cutoff. 27 degrees now.
  6. Euro confirms the NW trend. Hopefully things keep trending NW tomorrow and this just might turn into a solid event.
  7. Looks that way to me. Ukie definitely more west with precip this run
  8. Snowing and accumulating on everything. 30 degrees
  9. NW shift on the NAM for sure. Low is closer to the coast and a little slower this run. Not a huge hit or anything but the trend is your friend for now anyways.
  10. 18z RGEM looks good for 1-2" tomorrow night. Nam brothers also look decent for about 1-1.5".
  11. Heights definitely higher than GFS on the Euro. Doesn't look like it's gonna cave for the moment at least.
  12. 18z Nam gives much of our area 1-1.5" of snow Thursday night. I'd lock that up.
  13. Euro looks somewhat like the CMC this run. I don't have precip maps so not sure what the surface is like. Let's see if we can get a NW trend going.
  14. I was ready to throw in the towel after the awful GFS and NAM runs, but of course the CMC and Ukie had to bring things just close enough to keep things interesting. But if the Euro doesn't budge tonight then in my opinion the chance at a moderate snow is probably out of the question.
  15. 18z para GFS shifted NW. Gives DC 4-5" now. Kinda weird to see that since the op went way south.
  16. Will be interesting to see what the GFS and CMC do with the first wave. CMC has liked it the past few runs. It would be nice to have a short term threat.
  17. It's good to see the NAM on our side in the short range. Hopefully the GFS holds steady tonight on the big storm idea. I do like that the Euro is getting away from the 1st wave idea, although it didn't have any good implications this run it might on the future runs.
  18. At least we still have the NAM. 18z looks like the GFS with the second wave at 36 hours.
  19. Found this in the Southeast forum. They've been keeping track of what model does best with their winter systems this year. So far GFS is 2/2.
  20. Really solid run. 850s hold and even improve a bit as the storm gets east of us at 156.
  21. Low is much farther north this run than 18z. On the Eastern kansas/Oklahoma border compared to southern Louisiana on the 18z. At hr 132
  22. Looks like the energy out west is more consolidated and stronger this run than 0z. Looks good so far.