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  1. 12" in Keene, which was a little "disappointing", but significant nonetheless

    And the model watching was the most excitement I've ever had with a storm I have to say. 20-30" in eastern NY, western MA, and S VT where a few days earlier partly cloudy skies were a justifiable forecast. Absolutely incredible.

  2. It's not the same as looking at the data as it's coming out. It's like watching a replay of your favorite team b/c you missed the game. They can buy me a drink...and bring it to me here :)

    Really tough call down here though...NAM/SREFS look solid but the GFS has me a little worried but we'll see. Hopefully it comes in a bit colder warmer down here with the 0z run.


  3. you're reasoning is sound and the NAM will show some crazy UVM but again I look at as I posted..the low is more stretched like a frontal wave or waves (yes, initially there could be two lows); also flow is (fcst) fast and strongly confluent good for more cold air across ENY/CNE but neither great for generating or maintaining (duration of ) any strong UVM if strong UVM occurred at all.

    I'm just comparing with previous runs. I agree with everything you said here. The latest run is just a bit more amped up, and shifted toward a more coherent low developing south of New England