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  1. Banana PalmBoy is going to need a new pair of shorts... Training over Mt Saukville... I hope its record setting..he deserves it. 4 to 5 over here..roads are already melting ... clearing to the north. Season should end up pretty much near normal (snowfall amts) if no other big snows fall between now and summer.
  2. I'm still alive and yes..i've been following this since last Sunday ... I think the Euro has been south the whole time... be interesting to see what 12z shows when it comes out. People around town are in denial. Please aim the next one at Saukville.
  3. Today's storms were the best so far this year...strong winds, downpour, huge bolts of lightning... It was starting to dry out some around here finally, been missing most the good rains lately. 92F again today... That is our 13th 90F+ reading.. Dewpoints near or above 80F are incredibly nasty...useless too. You can't do anything in that. It was low 90Fs earlier today/dews in the low 70Fs and i was drenched just mowing the lawn (right before the storms hit)... 80F dew..probably be dead in the driveway. Extended looks coolish...i'll take it. Some ragweed, but hasn't been too bad yet...That will be coming hard shortly.
  4. 91F or so...dew was close to over now with a downpour... thought i saw a little hail out there too.
  5. Dew of 77F all night..low of 80F in La Crosse...first one this
  6. Heat index only 95F here and it feels it... dews in the lower 70Fs.. waiting for the furnace tomorrow. Still no July 13th, 1995... Heat Index that day was 121F or something insane like that.
  7. Local newspaper had a story of July 1936 yesterday. In Winona, MN (just up river) they were sleeping in parks. There was a cool picture of a fan on top of a huge block of ice. Locally it said there were 30 deaths . I would have found a cave or a trout stream to lay in.
  8. Was fun watching it come through. I probably stood out for the first 5 minutes before the wind/rain was starting to soak me. The airport (just north of me) reported 68 mph... Very nice light
  9. Sky is lighting up like the 4th of July right now.
  10. Getting pretty close here. I really hope to not lose power.
  11. Weren't there some nights that ended up being pretty chilly? I have the data somewhere from this year for La Crosse..i'll have to dig through it... i can't imagine the dew points were super high?
  12. An inch of rain fell the last hour or so...the temp was up to 83F/84F and dropped to 62F... That seems like an extreme temp drop.
  13. Ok... i was just amazed by how dry it gets there. That is some seriously dry air. A glass of ice water probably wouldn't even dew up.
  14. I can stand from 20F to about 80F... outside of that range...i'm not very comfortable..wind and humidity factor in on each end. I like watching the college girls at the beach..that is fun. I'm not a dirty old man or anything Saving on some AC this week... be ready to go for July.
  15. Why does the humidity get so low in the afternoon in the mountains? I've been following the temps in Leadville, CO (elevation 10K) the past few days...i'm amazed at the low afternoon dewpoints... i wonder if your skin just splits right open at that point?