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  1. StormPinsMike

    Jan 22-24 blizzard obs, tracking, nowcasting

    First flakes at 12:45pm in Leesburg, just south of JYO!
  2. StormPinsMike

    January and #HECS2016 Banter Thread

    Cool Times Square cams in NYC if you want to peek in on what they're getting later today. http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/?cam=tsrobo1
  3. StormPinsMike

    Snowfall Contest--January 22-24 Snow Event

    Went way low on my seasonal forecast for the contest, so I'll make up here by going way big. BWI:34" IAD: 37" DCA: 24" RIC: 19" Tiebreaker: (Peak mph wind gust at DCA) : 44
  4. StormPinsMike

    December Banter Thread

    Dream forecast or too much? http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=46.87&lon=-121.75#.VmWGIt-rTUL
  5. StormPinsMike

    Mid-Atlantic winter 2015-16 snowfall contest

    DCA: 4" IAD: 11" BWI: 9" RIC: 2" Tiebreaker: 3.9"
  6. StormPinsMike

    March 5th Storm Obs/Nowcasting

    About a 30 minute lull now back to ripping in Leesburg, I'd like to thank clskinsfan for sending this band our way.
  7. StormPinsMike

    Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Little bit of a lull here in Leesburg, really small flakes now after pretty continuous moderate snow since 9am.
  8. StormPinsMike

    Feb 21-22 Storm Obs Thread

    Totally ripping big flakes in Leesburg, drove from Leesburg to Ashburn earlier on backroads and they were terrible. Sycolin Road southbound is basically impassable with a line of cars stuck going uphill just south of JYO. Wanted to throw out one single call out for my company, StormPins. You can share your storm pictures and observations in our app. Search for StormPins in Google Play or Apple App Store.
  9. StormPinsMike

    Mid FEB through March Threats/Snow Storms

    Through hour 3 on the 0z GFS I believe our storm looks a bit more south-northward, and you can definitely see the vort much more potent over northern China.
  10. StormPinsMike

    Mid FEB through March Threats/Snow Storms

    For the precip panels is that the 3 hours starting at that time or ending at that time? For example, is the 132 panel 132-135 or 129-132?
  11. StormPinsMike

    February Banter Thread

    Wasn't there some story or movie that talked about knowing the future is the worst curse of all? The weenies around here (like myself) probably would prefer a model that throws out a HECS every few runs. I know I've got a bounce in my step the day when I wake up to 8 pages of EURO emojis like and nothing starts the day off worse than reading "next".
  12. StormPinsMike

    February Banter Thread

    At first glance I thought this Weatherbug tweet was trolling us with 1/10 - 1/4 inch of snow. https://twitter.com/weatherbug/status/561869131675598848
  13. StormPinsMike

    Feb 1/2 Obs

    It looks like my post got modded, but since I got so many replies... I realize most people refer to SnowTV as light non-accumulating snow. I was talking more about being able to watch it rip outside your window. The 90 and 93 panels make up most of the precip and and they happen at 1am and 4am. I'll go back to lurking and let us argue about the Boston ratios and whether Philly people belong in this forum
  14. StormPinsMike

    February mid to long range threats discussion

    I haven't seen Ji around as much the last few days so let me channel him and say "Go purple or go home."
  15. StormPinsMike

    1/25-1/27 Clipper-Miller B Obs/Nowcasting

    Pretty good snow here in Leesburg, roads are covered, top of the grass is going to give up soon. Sorry for the folks that aren't getting anything