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  1. Thanks for the very detailed reply! My dream would be to one day land a job with the NWS. When it comes time, I think having dual bachelors, comp sci. and meteorology, will be beneficial. I will bump this thread should I have any more questions...
  2. I'm attending university this fall to study computer science, and I love the field. I also have had a lifelong passion for weather, and want to eventually a meteorology degree. I have been looking heavily into MSU's distance learning Geoscience B.S. program (NOT the certificate program) as a viable option - I would like to know the opinion of people who have been through this program, or have experience with it. Do you think the fact that it is an online program affects it's quality? Do you think going through the program was a good decision? I am interested in employment with the NWS, and the program's website mentions that you need to have the advisor adjust the program (I'm assuming to add in calculus based dynamics classes). Are there any other pitfalls I would need to be aware of? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will take some time this week and practice some more. I have a question about the thermal boundary that stretches from northern Arkansas through far NW Tennessee. There is a temperature gradient, but no wind shift. How would you classify this feature? Would you even plot it on the map?
  4. Hey there, this is my first post on this particular weather forum. Since severe weather season starts Sunday, I thought I would take the time and finally hand analyze a surface map (I am slow as molasses ) and practice so I could use it during severe weather this year. Is there a meteorologist or forecaster experienced in hand analysis that would be willing to give me feedback once I finish? Thanks...