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  1. what is up my dear weather figs, nice cloudy-tear dropping day it is. it is 64 degrees.
  2. hey guys, I am writing a paper for my ENGL 1101 class and I am having trouble ordering my paper and how I want it presented to the audience, here is my thesis statement: In order to achieve an intermediate understanding of Cold air damming, one must examine the properties and characteristics that pertain to the three type of CAD.
  3. Would you guys rather 30 inch snow storm with 70mph gust with no snow for 5 years following the storm or 125% snow for five years?
  4. yeah but I would think many locations would have had a six inch storm in more recent years then that
  5. yeah but I would think many locations would have had a six inch storm in more recent years then that
  6. dude are you serious? I have had over 4 inches several times, including 6 inches in like 2002 or something
  7. yeah it is, hope she doesn't fail me cuz she can't understand it.
  8. hey guys I am writing a 1500 research paper about CAD for English class. She wants me to turn my thesis statement in early. so I just wanted to run by what I had really quick and see what you guys thought. this is it : Rough thesis - Cold air Damming : In order to achieve an intermediate understanding of cold air damming, one must examine its properties and characteristic pertaining to the synoptic and mesoscale processes of the three types of CAD
  9. I really like that idea, if models consistently show that type of rain in nc and all models get on board.
  10. Very impressive event. 4.03'' at the house. Now for the second event, precip vectoring north.
  11. you know it has really surprised me here in Georgia, our house was one of those small pockets with 3.93" of rain since the event started, expecting a couple of more inches next week from that low being picked up by the upper low over Texas, I wonder who will be under the vector for most precip, pwat values seem pretty high next week GFS showing widespread 2+ inches PWAT, euro showing it vectoring not as much north.
  12. 3.81" at my house since the event started, very surprised
  13. Prob got over one inch of rain on the east side of Conyers at the house, will check cocorahs tomorrow morning.
  14. Looking forward to winter, I would really like to experience more cold air damming. it is amazing how special and rare it is to us. unfortunately, my pictures wont upload but there is only 8 other places in the world with CAD.
  15. Hey guys, I plan on taking some Met ED courses and lessons and I'm curious to ask what courses have yall took that you found interesting, knowledge filled, or anything out of the box (meaning other geoscience lessons or courses worth taking)?
  16. Had a awesome thunderstorm last night, only picked up .16" of a inch, but I tell you what it was one of the better storms this year, it came in like a regular thunderstorm with a few flashes and a few CGs. On the back edge a new thunderstorm exploded right before it left us and we were on the edge, it was barely raining and huge CGs outside of our house, one was so big that it almost felt like it went in our house, definitely a weather 'awe' moment right there. Power kept going on and off.
  17. Hey guys, I have a question. I had a 2 inches of rain this morning and I am asking where can I see past radar of atlanta metro around 8 am this morning?
  18. it is only out to 120 hrs on tropical tidbits. What model weather page website do you use?
  19. I agree with the last part, question is where does it go.