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  1. Lol, is anyone over here looking at anything but the operational runs of the euro and GFS. The ensemble mean on the 00z was great and the control run had 2 inches as far south as Cumming, GA west and east. The 06z ensemble suite also had a nice mean with several panels with major winter storm for areas of the southeast.
  2. This is just plain wrong.. January is our snowiest and coldest month. Don't let your pessimism continue to ruin you and the forum.
  3. lately it seems that temperatures are verifying higher than the forecast. it seems like the only time temperatures are lower than the forecast is during CAD events. im so sick of this SER. Another thing that is complete bs, it is currently 73 degrees at the airport which is 5 DEGREES above the forecast high.
  4. Complete bs. This cold blast is bs. Atlanta's high was 44 when forecasters were calling for 41 as a high. Countless days of temperatures verifying on the high side. It pisses me off that we have been stuck under a constant SER the whole damn fall. I'm so sick of these record high temps and why is it so easy for us lol to go +10 to +15 above average.. annoying as hell. All I want is cold weather.. sorry for the irrTional post. Just flustered
  5. Yeah, there has only been a few dustings in and around Metro Atlanta for a few years now. you will have a better chance up in Dahlonega, GA.
  6. My father and I (Blackout storm chasing) chased Hurricane Hermine positioning ourselves in St. Marks FL. Here's our YouTube video make sure to watch it in HD. Any question about video and/or our chase feel free to ask.
  7. Mesocyclone with large wedge tornado
  8. Our initially position the next morning was Oklahoma City, ok. We noticed that the key energy for initiation was lagging. There was also a outflow boundary draped across this region. The HRRR hinted at a few cells on I-35 south of Oklahoma City, ok. One was highlighted on the updraft helicity. We then headed down towards I-35 towards Wynnewood when we noticed a storm developing to the west. The supercell quickly developed. Next, a supercell developed on the southern end of that one. We saw a wall cloud develop rapidly. We turned around on that road to head farther east away from the hail core as we were looking sw towards the new wall cloud. Less then two minutes down the road, I looked to my left and noticed the tornado was on the ground. My jaw dropped. We took some videos and pictures until it lifted. We headed farther east. I noticed on radar that the circulation had tighten up again. We turned south on a road and was very anxious as trees were blocking the view. Boom. At the top of the hill we looked right and a beautiful stovepipe tornado. We took video and pictures. The video came out bad as it was my first time really seeing a tornado vividly. After that, we had to head south to escape the hailcore. Next, we headed into sulphur, then east up a hill. Where we saw the most amazing storm structure I have ever witnessed. Beautiful mesocyclone with a large wedge tornado underneath. There was a circulation to our right. I saw a rope drop out of it very quickly but couldn't get my camera in time before it lifted. After that, we headed east and saw the bromide, tornado. Later, we got stuck behind for too long. We missed the atoka tornado. Although, I will say we might have actually saw it out in the distance but not sure. After, we chased all the way to Hugo where we saw insane mammatus clouds. 4 tornadoes that day. EF-4,EF-3,EF-3,EF-1.
  9. My father and I are going to be out in the plains on and off for the rest of the month for our Chasecation. We arrived in Oklahoma on May 9. We originally planned to target Alva, ok, but changed our mind and decided to head south on I-35 then to I-44 towards Lawton, ok. We then picked this storm(picture #1). We awaited on a hill a good distance from the storm looking wsw towards the wall cloud. We didn't stay in this region for too long as the Lightning was getting incredibly dangerous. One lightning bolt struck within hundreds of yards of our truck. On the way, headed east, a storm chaser waved us down notifying us that his vehicle was locked for ten minutes due to a safety feature. We picked up this individual and headed east. We floated around the hook for some time then entered into the rfd. This is where the tornado passed within 500 yards of our location at the end of its cycle.
  10. Guys, I plan to do some intense studying of meteorology in June. If you guys have any suggestions whether it be books, sites, videos, lectures, and academic journals that could further improve my meteorology knowledge plz let me know.
  11. 1036 Mb high over Lake Ontario atm. How does that compare to what it was suppose to be?
  12. now seems I gotta to keep an eye on this because I don't want any glaze on the roads when I have to head to class, should be above freezing by then I think
  13. it has too be a random luck of chance, I'm not using any desperate app.
  14. lololololol, guess I am in for the hunt as well
  15. I'm definitely interested in getting laid, but beyond that I have no desire. Basically I'm looking for a friend with benefits. I will definitely not go into a relationship lying about what I want to get what I want. The post before was confusing, I meant for it to be about relationships only at the second part. I jumped from talking about getting laid to relationships so fast that it looked like I was on the same topic lol. When I said, "I'm totally staying away from that", I was referring to relationships lol
  16. Also want to make it clear that it is a general rule, and does not define you. In fact most things if not all are clearly on perspectives.
  17. yeah I know, I got carried away with the whole marriage thing, anyways don't worry about it... As long as you get it done by the time your 25. You are good.
  18. Lol, who cares about if you can get laid or not. People seem to judge their selves on how many chicks they can get or not. I have totally stayed away from that. Divorce rates are to high for my personality type, I wear my heart on my sleeve. Last thing I want is for me to be heart broken, or if I have kids to suffer through the same stuff I did. All about perspective I guess.
  19. the best way to save your self heart distress from this event not happening( the weenie part of you I am talking to because I know you prob don't want a ton of ice) is to simply jump with a parachute.
  20. o why yes! I have been thinking about changing the thread title. I want to make it clear to everyone that there is three categorical weenies cliff death scenarios. The first one comes from what is called as a Walker. These among the three are defined by there depressed nature. These weenies have become so sad about an threat dying out that they can see absolutely no hope in front of them. The second one is called a jumper. These people are just tired of hearing about a threat from weenies that does not actually exist. The third one is what is called as a divers. These individuals are psychotically enthusiastic about jumping. why? because they hold grudges about other people on the weather forums and hope their forecast turn out to be wrong. This is a general rule, however there are some exceptions. One notable one is there just happen to able to not have to worry about worrying anymore.
  21. This thread is dedicated for the Cliff Jumpers, One's who have risen the white flag in showing there acceptance at plain reality. The point of this thread is too vent. Let out all of your weenie-induced frustration, instead of taking it out on other people. We all have the same passion and love for weather, and though it can be frustrating. We need to learn to respect each other.
  22. dang, chaser con or this.. Think it is gunna have to trend worse for me to chase it.