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  1. Severe Weather: April 2, 2015

    Interesting the tornado on the boookend of that MCS isn't on the storm reports this morning...
  2. Severe Weather: April 2, 2015

    JoMo, why would they do that? The 3 minute pause could cause people to think the threat has passed.
  3. Severe Weather: April 2, 2015

    That was very strong wording for a radar indicated circulation. I wonder if there was a tornado? There was definitely a couplet near Afton...
  4. Severe Weather: April 2, 2015

    Yup, that looks like a tornado couplet south of Carterville
  5. Severe Weather: April 2, 2015

    Couplet southwest of Garden City
  6. Severe Weather: April 2, 2015

    Once the Low-Level Jet kicks up around sundown the Tornado risk will increase significantly. RAP forecast hodographs are supportive or strong tornadoes in far NE OK / Joplin area. The surface low is currently centered just east of the Stillwater area with a quasi-warm front extending NEward into SE KS. Watch out along that front NE of the low center. Line of tornadic supercells possible.
  7. 2014 ENSO Mega Thread

    CPC handles this...http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/enso_advisory/
  8. Post Tropical Cristobal

    Middle_of_the_road Cat2
  9. Now let's get an el nino/atmospheric river combo for Cali.
  10. June 28-July 1 Severe Threat

    Roommate has reported Cedar Rapids as a "complete mess". Numerous neighborhoods with tree damage. KDP Looks like an MCV progressive deracho.
  11. June 26th-July 1st Severe Potential

    Woke up early this morning in Norman and decided to be a no-go. Hope you can make me regret this thunder road.
  12. Equations needed: Tv = (1+0.61w)T , ThetaV = Tv(1000p)^Rd/Cp Here we are assuming specific humidity q is approx by mix ratio w. You need to find mixing ratio to solve problem. w = RH*ws ws is saturated mix ratio ws = Rd / Rv * esw is saturation vapor pressure Use Clausius-Clapeyron equation to find this esw = 6.11 * exp[Lv*Rv*(1To - 1T)]. To = O*C = 273.15 K All other variables are known or generally constant Remember to use SI units when performing calculations Peace[emoji96]