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  1. No, not just you, its just can't seem to load the radar data or map data properly most of the time, and when it does, it takes a very long time. I am good with just a normal GIF radar loop of what they had before(they may have it in their open source data store still), way more useful. Anyone remember the java applet version of the radar maps :)?
  2. Yeah, I think they are using some html5 features. Its kind of like a google maps with radar data overlaying it. Myradar app on android (probably iphone also) does same thing but 100x more usable and faster, so I don't think its a technical limitation, more of an implementation problem.
  3. So looks like new radar interface was pushed out as default for (at least for KDIX). Its great that its not using flash, however, it is very very slow for me, forget about zooming in our out, takes like 15 seconds to load radar image on a very fast connection(5ms to google, 900/900mbps connection). Then if you want to see a loop, prepare to wait like 60+ seconds. Is there any tips/tricks to make this faster, or any tools that will use the radar data but make it more usable?